The Top 12 Wedding Regrets of Most Brides

The Top Twelve Wedding Regrets of Most Brides

Most brides remember their wedding day fondly. However, most of them do wish they could go back and redo a few things on their big day. The following list consists of the top twelve wedding regrets of most brides. By reading it, hopefully you’ll be able to learn from their mistakes and make your wedding day as close to perfect as possible.

I Wish I Hired a Wedding Planner

Simply put, planning a wedding is hard work. Even small ceremonies can take months of dedication and planning. In the age of Pinterest, you may be tempted to go the DIY route for your wedding. However, do you really want to spend the months before your wedding in a frenzy of crafting, coordinating, and calling? Sure, taste a few wedding cakes, but hire a wedding planner to handle the rest. You’ll feel so much more prepared for your wedding day if you let an expert take over.

I Wish My Dress Fit

All eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle, so it’s important that your dress flatters you. A dress that doesn’t fit will ensure that you spend your wedding day adjusting straps, pulling up your bodice, and praying you don’t have any wardrobe mishaps in front of your photographer. You’re supposed to feel beautiful on your wedding day, but an ill-fitting dress will ruin your mood instantly. You should try on your dress until your wedding day to make sure it still fits. Ask for alterations if you need them. A dress that fits will ensure you look and feel stunning on your big day.

I Wish My Ceremony and Reception Weren’t So Far Apart

A well-planned wedding day is one that flows. While this is your special day, you should be considerate of the people who traveled to share it with you. If there is a large amount of time between your ceremony and reception, such as forty-five minutes or more, your guests may grow impatient. A delay may also cut into the travel time of those who have a long way to go home after the wedding. A distance of more than a few miles between the ceremony venue and the reception venue can be just as inconvenient, especially for guests forced to take a cab between venues.

I Wish We Chose the Venue and Photographer Sooner

When planning a wedding, you should never wait until the last minute. Reserve your venue as soon as possible. Other couples are probably trying to get married on the same day, so you may not get the venue you want if you don’t reserve it in advance. As soon as you set a wedding date, reserve your venue. This is also true for hiring your wedding photographer. Good photographers will have busy schedules, so you need to hire one quickly. Reserve both your venue and wedding photographer as soon as possible to ensure your wedding goes smoothly.

I Wish We Gave the DJ More Info on Reception Music

Music can make or break your reception. The type of music played should depend on who is attending your wedding. If many of your more traditional family members are attending, then you might want to make sure that only clean versions of songs are played, especially if children are there. The music will set the tone of your reception, so you should go over song choices with your DJ beforehand.

I Wish We Had Done a First Look

The traditional rule is that the bride and groom shouldn’t see each other before the wedding. Instead, they should see each other for the first time when the bride walks down the aisle. Many brides have stubbornly gone with tradition only to regret it later and wish they had done their first look before the wedding. You should do what your heart tells you, but don’t stick with tradition just because it’s tradition! Doing your first look before the wedding can be an intimate and emotional experience and will also give you more time for wedding photos.

I Wish I Took Time to Eat at the Reception

There’s no doubt that your wedding day is busy. Your reception will be a whirl of speeches, dancing, and photos. However, make sure you give yourself time to enjoy your catered meal with your guests. Many brides forget to eat during their reception. They’re left with no energy for their wedding night and are forced to rely on hotel room service or fast food instead of the gourmet catered food they bought for their wedding. Your wedding day will be busy, but make sure you give yourself time to eat!

I Wish We Hadn’t Left So Soon for Our Honeymoon

Many brides depart for their honeymoon the second their wedding day is over, but they usually regret it. If you leave for your honeymoon immediately after your reception, you won’t have any time to recuperate from the stress of the previous months or tie up any loose ends with the venue or your photographer. Give yourself a full day to rest and prepare for your honeymoon so that you’ll be able to enjoy it to its fullest.

I Wish We Hired a Videographer

Hiring a photographer is an obvious choice, but many brides wish they would have hired a videographer as well. Photographs are nice, but a wedding video is even better when you want to relive the happiest day of your life. Hire a videographer so that you can preserve your memories in the best way possible.

I Wish We Spent More Time with Guests

Your wedding day is meant to be shared with the people closest to you. Many brides get caught up in the logistics of the day and forget to make time for their guests. You may not get a chance to see some of your guests often, so you should make time to mingle with the people you invited to your reception. Let your wedding planner cope with any last-minute issues so that you can actually make memories with your loved ones.

I Wish We Had Spent More Hiring an Amazing Photographer

An amazing photographer is worth the extra money. You’ll want to remember this special day forever, so hire an excellent photographer to help you do that. You’ll look back on your wedding photos for years, and you may even show them to grandchildren. A top-notch photographer is worth it.

I Wish I Had Relaxed and Enjoyed the Day More

Your wedding day will be stressful. Even if nothing goes wrong, you will still be nervous and stressed out. However, don’t let yourself get so stressed out that you forget to enjoy the moment. This day will only come once. Do yourself a favor and let yourself relish it. Your wedding planner can take care of most issues for you, so don’t worry. Most brides regret not letting themselves simply enjoy their wedding day. Learn from their mistake and let yourself relax.

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