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Our journey into Indian wedding photography began several years ago when an Indian bride and groom-to-be, who loved our artistic and photojournalistic style, decided to hire us as their wedding photographers. Instantly we clicked and loved the opportunity to work with them and create amazing art within their Indian cultural traditions. After the first one, we were hooked and the door of referrals started to open…and the rest is history, as they say. We now primarily focus on shooting Indian weddings, and love them! – from the rich traditions, the family and friends, the hospitality and kindness, the colors, the dancing – and the great Indian food! We are honored and truly blessed to be part of the Indian community and play a role in capturing photos of some of the most beautiful and majestic weddings ever imagined.



We cover many different kinds of Indian weddings at Jobst Media, including: Hindu, Sikh, Gujarati, Punjabi, Pakistani, South Indian, South Asian, and more. Experience has taught us the important parts of the events and ceremonies, so we always know where to be and what the best angles are. The differences of ceremony and traditions can indeed be quite from the more solemn Sikh ceremonies, to the circling of the fire in Hindu ceremonies, to the playfulness and games of the South Indian ceremonies. In fact, we’ve become so good at the different Indian wedding “dances”, people often compliment us on our knowledge and professionalism.



Indian weddings are unique affairs that combine both cultural and religious practices into an auspicious occasion and celebration. We have dedicated ourselves over the last several years to capturing what our clients want. As a result, we have become experts in capturing Indian wedding photography in a natural, artistic, and photojournalistic way, while maintaining and respecting the traditional portraits families have come to expect.



While we know that your ceremony will share elements with many other traditional Indian ceremonies, we also know that you’ll have certain features that set your celebration apart and make it unique. Our goal is to emulate that in our wedding photography. In addition to capturing the main shots, we’ll seek out artistic ideas, creative angles, shoot thorough interesting objects, find reflections in a window or water,  paint with brushes of gorgeous lighting, navigate stunning settings and surroundings, capture reflections in a widow or water, etc. Add to this our artistic and creative talent in Photoshop and post-production skills, and our artistry is what will set your wedding images apart from the rest.



In addition to our creative and artistic vision at Jobst Media, we are also master photographers in technique and skill. We use the best cameras in the world for low-light wedding photography, and know how to manually tweak the settings for the shot we want. Whether it’s shooting with the aperture wide open for beautiful bokeh (blurry) background, dragging the shutter to blend flash with the ambient light, shooting with a deep depth of field for a high dynamic range (HDR) effect, or setting up fresnel spotlights for a magical Hollywood glow, we’ve mastered the skills and techniques so we can focus on you, capturing the moments, and creating art.


The Mehndi party usually takes place in the evening, 2 days before the wedding. This is a fun occasion for the bride, groom, families, and friends, and a great time for pictures because family and friends are all informally gathered together for a party. There is also a henna artist present to paint beautiful henna artwork on the feet, arms, and hands of the bride and the guests, all in preparation for the big day! These smaller events are wonderful too because it gives us the opportunity as photographers, to meet everyone, and we we are able to capture candid moments of the bride, groom, family, and friends all having a good time.



The Sangeet takes place the evening before the wedding and is very similar to a reception, only grander. Lots of great Indian food first as guests arrive, then speeches, performances, and lots of dancing! We want to make sure not a moment is missed, so we typically do family photos first as well as room, decor, details, and food shots. After this we move on to photographing the rest of the soiree – documenting and capturing bride and groom, family, and guests all having a great time. As professional photojournalists, capturing the moments and emotions is forte, so you can look back and enjoy the photos of all the laughter and the fun.



Some of the most cherished and candid moments of the day are captured as bride and groom get ready for the wedding. This is also the time we like to take pictures of the bride’s ring, shoes, and jewelry. A father’s smile or a mother’s tear express the love they have for their son and daughter. The bride will put on absolutely stunning Indian wedding attire and jewelry, while aunties help with the pinning. The groom, especially in the Sikh tradition, will often have a turban ceremony which is quite intricate. Not only are we there to photograph both sides, but we always do so in a respectful manner that pays homage to the traditions and customs.



We absolutely love the Baraat. That is when everyone is excited and eager for the events to begin. People love to dance and play music during this time period, and their joy makes for enthralling photographs. Whether the groom is planning to ride in on a horse adorned in jewels, an elephant that emulates the beauty of nature, or a helicopter from the heavens! you can rest assured that we won’t miss a beat. And recently we’ve been known to fly our own drone for amazing aerial shots of the Baraat!



The ceremony is the most important part of the day, and is not simply about the bride and groom, but about two families coming together. We typically take shots of the Mandap and ceremony decor early before guests arrive. We also capture the religious aspects of the Indian ceremony with a variety of wide, medium, and telephoto lenses so as to: 1) capture both sides of the family participating (wide); 2) document everything that transpire between the priest, bride, and groom (medium); 3) and bring the viewer in to share in the closeness and intimacy of the bride and groom (telephoto). Because of our extensive experience in Indian wedding photography, we always know where to be so we can anticipate our shots and capture them in the moment. Whether it’s the processionals, the reveal, the garland exchange, the circling of the fire, the race to sitting, the 7 steps, or the ring exchange, we’ve got it covered so you never have to worry about a shot being missed.



With all of the photos of family and friends being captured during the different events, the bride and groom will want to make sure theirs does not get lost. That is why we often do a portrait shoot after the ceremony or before the reception of just the couple. This is a perfect time to get a blend of artistic, photojournalistic, and traditional photos, as well as variegate the scenery for rich natural scenic photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime. Whether we do the shoot in the afternoon, evening, or even night, we have the lighting necessary to take stunning pictures. We also work to take these photos in an expeditious fashion, so you don’t miss out on your party!



We don’t simply focus on the big picture of your day, we also take photos of the little details that make your day an extension of your style. From the hall, to the cake, to the tables, to the centerpieces, to the flowers, to the guest favors – we capture it all. You may not always get a chance to see all of the decor and details on your wedding day, but you’ll always have the photos to reflect back on.



When it’s time for the party to begin at the wedding reception, we’re in full photojournalist mode once again and ready to capture all of these important and joyful times. For example, the grand entrances of the wedding party and bride and groom, the cake cutting, first dance, speeches with their funny antics and roasts, reactions of the B & G and guests, and of course we won’t miss it when your friends through you up on their shoulders and your family and friends are showing their best moves on the dance floor.



Of course, we know that your Indian wedding is likely to be a multiple day event, often involving Mehndi, Sangeet, and Wedding day coverage. Naturally, prices may seem intimidating at first with the thought of hiring vendors for more than one day. However, we have packages that are geared specifically toward that need and include savings. For example, one of our packages include coverage for Mendhi, Sangeet, and Wedding, and you save 10% for combining all three into a package. We also have packages which include splitting the wedding day coverage into morning and evening times, allowing for a break in the afternoon, to make sure we never run out of time in capturing all of your day. You may decide that you need additional coverage, such as an Engagement Party, Puja, or Haldi; we have packages and hour rates to include these as well. Please contact us to discuss the exact details of pricing for your special events.



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Indian Wedding Photography

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